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Guillermo Ford, also known as "Billy Ford", was the Vice President of Panama. He was one of the running mates of presidential candidate Guillermo Endara  during the 1989 Panamanian election campaign. During the election campaign the United States Government allegedly gave $10 million to the Endara campaign with the result that election results were annulled by the Panamanian Government on 10 May.[1][citation needed]  After the United States invaded Panama on 20 December 1989, a judge swore Endara in as President in the United States controlled Canal Zone and Billy Ford was appointed as Vice President.[citation needed]

In a series of editorials in the Oakland Tribune, titled "Panama's Drug, Inc." (1/5 & 1/22/90), Jonathan Marshall claimed that Ford was a co-founder and part owner of the Dadeland Bank, in Miami, a repository for MedellĂ­n drug cartel money. One of its co-owner's, Panamanian Steven Samos, used the bank in the late 1970s to launder millions of dollars in drug money for a CIA-trained Cuban American. Panama's new ambassador to the US, Carlos Rodriguez, was also a co-founder of the Dadeland Bank. (The New York Times on Jan. 28 mustered up Roberto Eisenmann, the publisher of Panama's La Prensa, to deny allegations linking Ford to money laundering. The Times didn't mention that Eisenmann is another co-founder of the bank.)

Guillermo "Billy" Ford Boyd died March 19, 2011 in his residency in Panama City, Republic of Panama.